Here is what you can do to improve your French pronunciation


Speaking good French is more than just trying to know the grammar rules and the French vocabulary. You will have to improve on your french pronunciation to sound better. Unless you started French lessons or classes while you were a child, it can be very difficult for you to just sound like a native French speaker. Although that’s true, it is also very possible for any person to learn French and speak with a good French accent. Here are some of the things to help you sound like a native French speaker

Learn all the sounds

The first important thing to do is to learn the French sounds. When learning the sounds, here are some of the things to always keep in mind

Basic French pronunciation

The first important thing to do is try to understand how every letter is being pronounced in French. This is the first step in understanding how you can easily learn the language

Understand the letters in detail

When you think of English, you will notice that some letters have more than one sound. The same thing happens to French and after two or more letters have been combined, they make a new unique sound

French accents

The French accent will not show up when you pronounce certain letters. You will have a clue on how to pronounce certain letters through knowing the French accent.

Get a dictionary

To know how to pronounce French sounds and even have that French accent, you should consider looking for a French dictionary. You should consider making that dictionary your friend. That way, you can check new words and see and they are pronounced. You should avoid a little pocket dictionary as many words are not in there.